What is the return on investment?

With energy rates continuing to rise 7-10% annually for the past several years and continued rate structure changes the payback is typically 4-5 years at the prices we offer.  This means you will have a large up front cost for your solar system, but after 4-5 years when it pays for itself you will generate free energy for the next 15 years.  So the system will end up paying for itself 4 times over.  You probably won’t find another home or alternative investment for your money than solar.

How long does it take?

From the time we meet and you pay the initial project fee to move forward with your solar installation it will typically be 2-4 weeks until the job is completed.  Lead time depends mostly on city permit processing time, home-owners association processing, scheduling, etc.  Most homeowners are surprised at how fast we start the project after moving forward and how streamlined the process can be start to finish.

What are the warranties?

All installations come with manufacture warranties on the solar equipment, which is standard within the industry.  The solar equipment warranties depend on the product pricing package.  Most solar modules offer a 25 year production warranty and 10-12 year limited warranty.  Most inverter manufactures offer 10-12 year standard limited warranty, except Enphase micro inverters which offer standard 25 year warranty.  Overall, most solar companies, technologies, and equipment are very similar in performance, warranties, and product reliability.  You solar system should last 20+ years with minimal issues.

How does the 30% Federal Tax Credit Work?

You will file for this rebate with your federal tax return, which reduces your tax liability as long as you owe taxes at the end of the year.  The rebate can be carried over more than one year.  Please contact your tax advisor for further detailed questions or search IRS form and information online.  If you are required to upgrade your roof or electrical panel during the solar installation process you are eligible to file these cost as part of the credit.

Is Financing Available?

My company does not offer any in house financing, but there are several financing options available.  Please call for more information.