how we price

Our pricing is simple – it is based on solar system size.

No gimmicks, no extra costs or fees.

Sizing your system properly is our specialty.

Because we keep it simple, we do not deal with some of the other “pricing techniques” out there:

  • Refer-a-Friend discounts
  •  Internet Specials
  • System Diagnosis

solar systems

The bottom line is that system size determines cost.  Getting the system size correct is the key to finding a balance between system cost and meeting your electricity needs.  There are several things that affect total system size.

Electricity needs

The system size is based on electricity needs. The more electricity you use, the larger the system has to be to handle your use. If the system is too big, you will cover your electricity needs, but you will overpay for the system. If the system is too small, it will cost less, but you may not cover all of your electricity needs and end up with an electric bill after all.

physical aspects

Each home is different. Some homes have roofs that get perfect sun all day, while others might only get morning or afternoon sun. Others might get a lot of shade from nearby trees or buildings. Some roofs might not be able to accommodate solar panels at all, in which case a ground-mounted system might be better. Some homes may not have a large enough service panel to handle the addition of a solar panel system, in which case an upgrade could be required. Each unique application determines sizing possibilities.

Don’t know where to start?

our approach

building the right system

We take a holistic approach to make sure that you are getting the system you need at the best price and best value.  We take the time to understand exactly what you want out of your system so that we can build what is right for you.  We do not try to pad the systems with extra costs and fees.  The pricing is simple, but determining the right system - not so much.  That is where we come in.  We create a system that meets your needs, not ours.  We offer two basic residential roof-mounted solutions.


This package typically consists of Solar Edge Inverter with Power Optimizers and Top Tier High Wattage modules like Qcell 380 watt solar modules. Several Other Top brands are sometimes available depending on stock.


Our premium systems typically include Solar Edge Inverter with Power Optimizers and LG 350 watt solar modules. A few other brands are sometimes used if desired like Panasonic HIT 330 watt modules and Enphase Microinverters.

Don’t know where to start?

With our fast installs and low overhead we are typically one of the best priced solar installers in San Diego County & Southern California, and blow the major competitors out the water, but we also have a best price guarantee.

We recommend you contact us with your name, phone, email, and provide your annual energy usage (kwh), roof type/age, and electrical panel man breaker rating, as well as any/all other solar quotes you may be considering so we can provide you an apples to apples comparison (we don’t price off their quotes).  This will allow us to recommend the optimal system size that you should be getting installed and give you a ball park estimate.  We typically recommend targeting 130% offset or higher.  This accounts for system degradation over time as well as the new TOU billing as well as most consumers use more energy once they have solar since they are not getting bill shocked each month.

After Making initial contact we typically follow-up with an phone call, text, and email after receiving the requested information above.  We then recommend you interview a few other companies if we are the first installer you are reaching out to.  This enables you to get 2-3 quotes for recommended system size, educate yourself a little before making this investment, and then once you have done your diligence and are close to being ready to pull the trigger we would like to come out and do full site survey and review any/all proposals so that we can answer any questions and show you the difference between us and them.

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