Solar Systems

Alternative Energy Solutions

Here at Johnson Solar, a San Diego solar company, affordable home solar systems are our flagship product. We design unique solar systems for each application. We aim to size each solar system so that it produces 100% of electricity required. This helps us achieve our mission of providing alternative energy solutions to San Diego residents and enabling them to achieve energy independence. By going solar, you can experience the freedom of having little to no electric bill. We are able to provide either roof-mounted or stand-alone, ground-mounted solar systems. We offer two pricing plans: Standard and Premium. Roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems can each use either Standard or Premium products. Ground-mounted systems tend to be more expensive, since fabrication is involved.

How Solar Works

  1. Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.
  2. The electricity travels to the Inverter, where it is converted from DC power to AC power.  AC power is what powers our homes.
  3. The Solar electricity then ties in to the circuit panel, which already exists on your home.
  4. If your home is demanding electricity at the time of solar production, your home consumes the Solar electricity first.
  5. Any Solar electricity that is produced and not used by the home is sent to the grid via a two-way meter.  This meter is critical in the Net Energy Metering (NEM) process.  More about NEM below.
  6. If the home demands more electricity than the Solar PV system can produce, then electricity is supplied to the home by the power grid.

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Net Energy Metering (NEM)

  • When your home is outfitted with a Solar PV system, the electricity company installs a two-way Net Meter and shifts your electricity plan to a Net Energy Metering (NEM) plan.
  • The Net Meter keeps track of how much electricity your home sends to the grid, and how much electricity the grid sends to your home.
  •  The amount of electricity that the grid sends to your home minus the amount of electricity your home sends to the grid is referred to as the “net” electricity usage for your home.
  • If your home sends more electricity to the grid than it consumes from the grid, then the “net” electricity usage is negative and you will have a credit on your electricity bill!

Don’t know where to start?

Solar System Offerings


Most homes can be outfitted with a roof-mounted solar system. This is the most cost-effective system in most cases, since minimal manufacturing is required. An added benefit is the fact that a roof-mounted solar system requires no additional footprint and can usually integrate with existing service panels without running extensive wiring.


In instances where a roof-mounted system is not possible, requires too much alteration to the roof, or simply would not provide sufficient electricity to meet demand, Johnson Solar offers custom ground-mounted solar systems. Ground-mounted systems are typically a little more expensive than roof-mounted systems, but sizing is almost unlimited.


Our standard systems are $2.70/watt. The standard systems use industry-standard solar panels and inverters. Ground mounted systems will be slightly more, depending on application and build requirements.


Our premium systems are $2.90/watt. The premium systems use top-of-the-line solar panels and inverters. Ground mounted systems will be slightly more, depending on application and build requirements.