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stop paying high electricity bills

Why Solar

save money

Break your home from these electric company's over-priced, ever-increasing monthly charges and enjoy free electricity for life! Immediately start producing up to 100% of your electricity needs with a single cost up front and no recurring costs after that. Typically, a home solar system is paid back in as little as 3 to 5 years. With average electric rate increases of over 7% per year, the payback period is continuing to decrease. Find out how much you could save.

home equity

A solar panel installment is worth more than similar homes without solar panels and sell faster. A solar panel system is one of the easiest, fastest ways to instantly increase your home's value. A solar panel system also starts paying you back immediately and continuously. An immediate higher home value and decreased recurring costs.

Tax credits

The federal government offers tax credits for residential renewable energy expenditures. Solar (PV) systems qualify for the credit! The rates are a percentage of total system cost and are set to step down gradually until 2021, when the program ends. You can enjoy a tax credit of 30% through 2019. The rate goes down to 26% of system cost in 2020. Find out more about the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.

No blackouts

Whether you are a hard working labor worker out in the field all day or someone in the office all day who enjoys things like lights,fresh air and air conditioning... producing your own electricity means that power is always available, even when the grid goes down. The entire block, city, or even state power grid could be powerless while your home is untouched. Rolling California blackouts? No problem!

go green

Solar power is the most abundant, most renewable source of energy currently known. We can replace all of human energy demand by harnessing just .01% of the sun's energy that is delivered to earth. Home owners can take part in this amazing transformation by producing up to 100% of their home energy needs with solar power.

san diego

Best area to have solar

plentiful sunshine

San Diego is home to the Padres, the Chargers... oh, wait... and... SUNSHINE!  And plenty of it!  San Diego (and much of the American Southwest, in general) is uniquely positioned to make the most of the sun's energy.  With beautiful sunshine almost everyday, San Diego residents can take full advantage of solar panel technology.

High electric rates

Unfortunately, San Diego residents pay higher electric rates than most Californians and most Americans for many reasons.  The higher electric rates mean that the cost savings of solar panels is even greater for San Diego residents.

why johnson solar

Best prices

We offer some of the best prices on Solar (PV) installations. Our complete systems are as low as $2.70/watt. Most installers will not advertise prices and have hidden fees and gimmicks built into their quotes. We run a very lean operation and keep costs to a minimum so that we can offer you the best prices around. We guarantee that we can beat any quote!

Best Equipment

We use only the latest and highest quality equipment for our installations. Our systems produce the most electricity, look great, and last for decades. Our solar panels produce the highest amount of power in the smallest square footage. We typically use SolarEdge inverters, which are the best in the business.

best crew

Our team is made up of retired military and law enforcement. We know what it means to serve, now we aim to serve you. Take comfort knowing that you will be working with knowledgeable, reputable professionals. Our team takes pride in every single installation to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Any issues on site? Let us know !

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!
Meet the Team

Johnson Solar was founded by Navy Veteran and former helicopter pilot, Clinton Johnson.  With over 20 years of service, Clinton is dedicated to helping fellow citizens.  After installing solar panels on his own home, Clinton knew that this was the best way he could serve his community.

As a Veteran, small business owner, and local San Diego resident, Clinton strives to deliver only the best results to his customers.  His goal is to enable all of San Diego county to obtain energy independence to make our planet a better place.

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