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Feel Free to Call, Text, Email, but best way to get in touch is to submit your information into our get a quote link so we can provide you with a quote. We typically respond in 1-3 business days.

Veteran Owned & Operated

Johnson Solar is led by founder Clinton Johnson, retired Military Officer with an extensive resume of construction and electrical experience.   He is actively involved in the business and enable Johnson Solar to get most installs completed in 1-2 days as well as getting most customers installed in 8-12 weeks from signing contract.

What Our Customers Are Saying​

Our Process

Our Process is streamlined, efficient, lean, and low overhead.  We work with potential customers to identify key metrics related to their needs and identify the best solution and get installed quickly. At Johnson Solar we delivery a higher value than competitors by offering the best prices, fastest installation speeds, delivery top quality workmanship, and are there to answer the call for any customer service and support needs

  1. Contact Us via phone, text, or email with your contact info and any other relevant information related to your quote request (Name, Address, Mobile #, Email)
  2. We will call to have a quick conversation to determine what additional information we need to help determine what type and size of solar, roof, electrical, or battery installation you should be targeting.
  3. We will send you our introduction email which outlines our process and lets you know the standard information we typically need to finalize system size and price
  4. We recommend if you request quotes for same/similar sized system from each company, which makes it less confusing when comparing quotes.  
  5. Once we have help determine what size system you should be targeting for your solar install, you have collected a few quotes, then we recommend you follow-up with us to help review and digest all the options your considering and if you feel we can delivery you a better value sign a contract and get installed.

PV Solar Installation

We are experts in designing, installing, and servicing residential and commercial PV Solar Electric Systems in Southern California. Our Service Area is San Diego County and surrounding areas.

Battery Storage & Backup

We offer multiple battery storage and backup power solutions. We will analyze your usage needs and behavior to determine which solution/s will best fit for your home energy goals and needs.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

We are experts at updating, replacing, and re-using main meter service panels, sub panels, and load centers as necessary to get your Solar & Battery System installed as soon as possible.

Solar Plans & Permit Packages

We have an in house solar permit and design team to generate solar plans, determine AHJ requirements, and generate permit package. We also have established contacts with structural and electrical engineers for custom designed systems that may require engineering.

Solar Project Consultant Services

We consult with small to large businesses and organizations who are thinking about investing in solar, but need trusted guidance to determine what may be needed and survey the property to identify option for solar and want to generate a comprehensive RFP/RFQ bid package.

EV Chargers

We install electric car charging ports, outlets, and charging adapters to accommodate your electrical car charging needs. Please contact us prior to purchasing any equipment as we can often save you money and install a solution without the purchase of anything additional.

Our Recent Projects